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Psychology & Life Coaching can help if you:

- Suffer from traumatic experiences,

- Need help with management of stress,

- Desire an increased sense of wellbeing,

- Look to access a greater potential and creativity,

- Create a sense of inner connectedness of body & mind and relatedness with those around. 

How does it work?

Healing work happens in individual sessions of supportive communications, careful listening, and in bearing witness to experiences. It is further enhanced by self-explorations through natural & creative movements (individual & groups). 

Group sessions involve creative movements, play, good conversations, music, books, poetry, knitting, movies, and friendship. 

What can you expect?

A supportive space to discuss the experiences of the inner world of psyche, including dreams, visions, and experiences of everyday life.

Supportive dialogues to address  traumas of abuse and development and explorations of potential transformations.

A caring relationship to foster transformation in the state of body, mind, and the soul.

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