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Chapter 14. From Dragons to Leaders: Latvian and Japanese Psyches, and an Organic Consciousness


"Jungian Psychology in the East and West: Cross-Cultural Perspectives from Japan"


This essay contributes to a better understanding of the similarities and differences between the East and West psyches by exploring leadership styles in Japan (East Asia) and Latvia (on the boundary between East and West).


It suggests that both the Japanese and Latvian psyches are characterized by a permeability between the conscious and unconscious layers, expressed in a heightened sense of embeddedness with their surroundings and the multiplicity of perspectives held by their leaders. Using the language of myths, these leaders dance with the dragons rather than slaying them. 

Trauma Cultural Complexes and Transformation.JPG

Trauma, Cultural Complexes, and Transformation.

Folk Narratives and Present Realities


The book maps folk narratives of human encounters with extra-human entities as communications of cultural traumas suffered by tellers who are embedded in particular historical and geographical settings. It focuses on the little explored globally emerging cultures of Latvia and South Africa, alongside the United States of America. Foregrounded in each of these cultures, while carefully tracking their diversity, is the theme of value and worthiness. Furthermore, these cultural narratives form a bridge to a discourse on the social, political, and economic issues faced by these countries and the world at large.


Explorations in this book outline the parallels between dreams and visions of individuals essential in healing, and the mythological legend genre serving the same function for groups and cultures. The aim of these open-ended communications is not only to reveal hidden truth, but also to stir our imagination about potentialities. Healing of traumas demands a world of global relatedness based on nurturing kinship. Such a transformation begins with imagining.

My Dragon of Riches.
Latvian Mythological Legends: A Depth Psychological Perspective

Mans bagātības pūķis.
Latviešu mitoloģiskās teikas: dzīļu psiholoģijas skatījums

Illustration: Ilze Avotina

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The book invites the reader to embark on an imaginative journey. It tells the story of the dragon of riches and other creatures that live in Latvian mythological legends and, at the same time, in readers’ inner world of the psyche. By inciting us to imagine the stories, it awakens our ability to create new narratives about wealth, value, and well-being. Deeply symbolic illustrations by the well-known Latvian artist Ilze Avotiņa stimulate the imagination, making for an even richer journey.

All texts in the book are presented parallel in Latvian and English, thus, giving English-speaking audiences a unique opportunity to read Latvian legends in English for the first time.

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